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Armor Restoration Is Your Elite Roofing Contractor

Armor Restoration was founded in 2009 in Northwest Indiana. We have successfully completed well over 1,000 residential and commercial projects from big to small. But we are more than the roofs we install, we also define ourselves by the relationships we make and cultivate through each project.  A storm can turn your home from a safe haven to a disaster overnight, here at Armor Restoration we work with you to take your unfortunate disaster and turn your home back into the safe haven it was before with minimal interruption.

Committed to Client Satisfaction

Choosing a trustworthy roofing company should not be a hassle, which is why we have dedicated countless years and man hours to providing the best service and roofs possible. At Armor Restoration  we settle for nothing less than giving each and every customer the best experience from start to finish. We have our customers best interest in mind and we will not stop until your property is restored to its pre-damaged condition.

Armor Restoration Community Out Reach

By having a strong focus on trust and community involvement, Armor Restoration has created a family from its employees and clients, and through the various local organizations with which we work with. President & Owner Adam Shaheen's vision is to help build communities and improve the quality of life wherever we do business. Our standard of excellence drives us to be he most efficient and enjoyable roofing company, as well as the leader in technology and sustainability.  It only takes one call to join our family and see why we are among one of the  largest roofing contractors not only in Indiana & Chicagoland area but in the United States.

Hail Damage

Spring and summer in the midwest bring beautiful colors and temperatures, but with them come severe thunderstorms that are capable of causing significant damage to your home and roof.  When we get hail in the midwest, it hits hard and fast, leaving its mark on your roof that can be difficult to see. The type of hail that will fall differs from state to state, Depending on the size, shape and hardness of the hail, damage can come in the form of small indents or actual tears in your roof.  Even with small indents, in the right conditions and with certain types of roofs, any bruises from hail can eventually lead to major leaks. By the time you start experiencing the leaks, it may be too late to salvage even the undamaged parts of your roof.

Wind Damage

Preventing serious roofing damage starts in choosing the right system for your environment. Northwest Indiana & Chicagoland area's can receive strong winds. Roofing systems are designed to resist regular winds, but after the big storm hits do you know what you should be looking for? 

Keeping safety in mind you can spot serious damage quickly and should call us immediately to prevent any future damage. 

Midwest storms usually come with wind and can produce incredibly chaotic systems, which can cause serious damage to your roof. After a storm hits, be sure to assess your roof’s condition immediately. Call us today for a FREE inspection.